11 April 2021

All publicity is good publicity when it comes to the Leader's Intent

Getting your Commander's Intent to your entire team is always a challenge, and it gets harder the further removed you become from your frontline team. Raising the ire of a meme page may help.

An Australian military meme page recently made that job easier by spreading the word for the Royal Australian Navy's Commander of the Australian Fleet, Rear Admiral Mark Hammond. The post wasn't in support of Rear Admiral Hammond; however, I guess he will take it as an overall win.  You can't buy that type of publicity when building the guiding touchstone for all Australian Navy combat forces that shoulder the responsibility for all maritime operations within the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Hammond’s intent is simple and clear. Do everything humanly and legally possible to OPTIMISE the fleet in being. Like the commercial supply chain from manufacturer to retail shopfront, there needs to be enough meat on the bones so everyone in between can get something out of it. In this case a broad commander’s intent from the top leaves room for each level of leadership to refine their individual mission, and clearly articulates the touchstone that good and poor decisions will be judged by.

Getting a meme page to share your commander’s intent on a platform that engages directly with your team for free, seems like optimisation is already occurring in the Australian Fleet.

Written by Ben Horton, Co-founder of Ironside Coffee and Aquilifer Leadership


Written by : Ben Horton