22 November 2019


Anyone who knows me, knows I love my coffee. In saying that, I also love simplicity and when it comes to coffee, I have a very simple palette and for this reason, I tend to veer away from coffee that boasts to have “Fruity and Floral Accents”.

When Ben returned from the US several months ago, raving about an awesome coffee shop he’d visited in Incline Village on Lake Tahoe, he was clutching a complementary bag of the “Drink Coffee, Do Stuff’s (DCDS) I.V. Coffee Lab Expresso Roast Blend. I read the label and on noting that it had a hint of chocolate and raspberry, I ignorantly assumed I would not like it and put it up on the shelf with a “that’s nice dear”.

Fast for

I.V Coffee Lab Incline Village, Nevada

ward several months (where on an odd weekend that Ben has time to scratch himself), he rediscovers said bag and is on a mission to express his IG gratitude to IV Coffee Lab and indulge in a fresh batch of the coffee. I decided to surrender (this was more than likely due to the luscious aroma wafting out of the stay fresh valve) and tell him that I will “give it a crack”, but not before stopping off at the local Woollies to pick up some Lindt Raspberry and Dark Choc to go with it.

Now I sit here; at an hour that’s most likely too late for any normal person to be indulging in caffeine (yet here I am!), sipping away on a DCDS  I.V. Coffee Lab Expresso Roast long black that I extracted from the Delter Press. Initially I looked at the cup and thought “is this going to be strong enough for me?” The colour was on the light side and had a reddish hue to it, I usually like it black as midnight, but as I sipped on, I was pleasantly surprised.

While I can definitely say, this is not my usual coffee style, I can see this blend becoming a weekly desert treat for me. As suggested on the packaging, there is a definite twang of raspberry in the flavour mix; however, it is nicely balanced out with the chocolate, is light and goes down smoothly, leaving a sweet aftertaste.

To be honest, it was refreshing from the usual “smack you in the face” coffee that I’ve come to love. I downed the cup easily within 10 minutes and indulged in a few of the Lindt Raspberry Chocolates which it seems, are match made in heaven for this coffee! I sat there thinking how foolish I had been to not try this blend sooner and pondering whether it was a wise adulting decision to have another….let’s just say, adulting is overrated sometimes and I scoffed down cup two almost as quickly as the first.

As suggested in the first part of this blog, I am certainly no coffee connoisseur, but I definitely recommend this blend to a person who is looking for a nice nightcap coffee, or even a coffee to go with their morning tea sweets, it was delish. I have decided that I will now pull m

y head out of….the sand and take my coffee addiction to more adventurous levels, tasting the blends that I would ordinarily shelve. I’ll keep you all posted how it all goes…..but for now….I’m off to figure out how I can procure some more of this stuff.

Ciao Peeps, watch this space for updates…

Peace, love and coffee

Written by : Nyomie Horton