15 May 2019

Weekly Debrief - Week 1

Each week a member of the Ironside Coffee Team will reflect on the week that was in an effort to capture lessons learnt and to share successes and failures.

Week 1 - Ben Horton

Currently Reading

During  1st Brigade Senior NCO and Officer Professional Development Training in 2014, we were fortunate enough to have General James Mattis speak with us. The common thread of the discussion was the importance of reading and how it is the best place to start to close knowledge gaps. The development of Ironside Coffee and other business ventures has identified the need for further self education in the world of startups. Great read so far, debrief to follow on completion.

Dr Dan Pronk is far from average an I have found this read to be entertaining, motivating and insightful. The Audiobook version also has some great extra content as Dan shares stories or provides further context at regular intervals. For a taste of the book listen to Dan on the great podcast Unforgiving60.

Currently Listening

The hosts of the Podcast, Ben Pronk and Tim Curtis are both former SASR Officers that have had highly successful careers in and out of the Australian Army. I found their Podcast after their interview with a former boss of mine, Andrew Hastie. Their ability to clearly articulate complex issues around everything from leadership in combat to the  Perth Pub Rock scene, whilst not taken themselves too seriously is very engaging. I have listened to all of the episodes in the last week and recommend it highly.

Bram Connolly continues to produce great content on his podcast, WarriorU. The podcast explores all things human optimisation, resilience and leadership. I first found this podcast when Bram interviewed Mark Barun, The Coffee Barun, where they discussed all things coffee. I have since listened to most of the 48 episodes and look forward to his future discussion with Jocko Willink.

Currently Watching

Australia in Colour - SBS

Australia in Colour is a 4 part series on SBS that has taken black and white footage from both the national archives and from personal archives and transformed them into colour film. The colour film is well supported by an excellent narration and is a great refresh for those of us that have forgotten everything from year 9 History.

New Kit

The Delter Coffee Press

I thought I would stop buying the latest bit of kit after I left Army, but this habit seems to have gotten worse. The best bit of kit that I purchased recently was the Delter Coffee press. I loved it so much that Ironside Coffee is now a distributor. More info to come as we put together some content to show how awesome the Delter Coffee press and how it produces faster, cleaner & better tasting coffee.

Lessons Learnt in the past 7 days

  1. There have been many people from the veteran community that have given us advice, developed leads and made introductions in order to assist us with the building of Ironside Coffee. When I reflect back on all of those people that have helped us they have a few things in common. They are not successful post discharge from the ADF because they are veterans. They are successful because of their relentless dedication to constant self and team improvement of not only their business, but the businesses of others. A special thanks to 3Elements Coffee for their advice and support.
  2. Time for focused reading and personal professional development must be protected ruthlessly. I have had competing priorities between volunteer work, leadership consulting and Ironside Coffee this week and my self development time has suffered. Being busy can't be an excuse or it will be the perfect excuse every time.
Written by : Ben Horton