BMP - Black Market Pods Load Out 100 Pods


 BMP - Black Market Coffee Pods Load Out 100 Pods

The new and improved Ironside Pod is made using our original Dark Roast Blend, Black Market, and a patented Biodegradable and Compostable capsule. Pods are Nespresso© compatible and each Load Out consists of 10 boxes of 10 Pods.

$0.65 Per Pod.

If you only have 1 Box of Pods, do you even have any?

Ironside Coffee Pods are Biodegradable & Compostable and are made from a patented plant-based composite of sugarcane and sugar beet. This means that the complete capsule is made from plant materials. So after usage, you can throw them in your bin guilt-free.

Under the right industrial set conditions, coffee capsules will fully break down into compost after 10 weeksThis means that our entire capsule can be chewed up and spat, leaving behind biomass, COand water.



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