Ironside Face Wrap



Is your face getting smashed by the sun, wind and rain while you're out and about in the great outdoors???? We have a solution for that....the Ironside Face Wrap! This wrap can be worn in so many ways, in so many a face mask, a  neck warmer a beanie/bandana....these a just a few, but the possibilities are limitless.

The Ironside Face Wraps are a OSFA for adults and have a two way lateral stretch....meaning it can stretch and recover. They are seamless, moisture repellant, soft and breathable. Designed to be stain resistant, these wraps are also machine washable and quick drying for the times you have an oopsie.

If it's multi purpose use and easy care instructions hasn't won you over....the ICC branding sure will.....just think...every time you look at a reflective surface, it'll be a reminder....need coffee stat!



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